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As stated on the home page of the site, the name of the site itself is a play of words. This is the page to learn more about Little Miss Teach IT. Who is the woman behind the keyboard?

A Bit About My Background

I’ve been interested in computers and technology ever since my mother bought our first 386 pc back in the ’90s. Since then I’ve continued learning different aspects of IT, I even studied this at upper secondary high school and was quite sure I didn’t want to work with people.

Last year of high school something happened and it so happened that I decided to become a teacher since I’ve always loved languages this seemed like a good fit for me. IT in some form would have been interesting, but my fear of math is putting me off picking up those kinds of studies. Someday maybe, but I haven’t picked up my courage yet.

Present Day

I now work as a teacher in upper secondary school teaching Swedish and English and have been teaching since 2007. Over the years I have seen many teachers viewing technology as something you are either for or against. My take on this is the classic “the right tool for the right job”, meaning both teachers and students need to learn different ways to work depending on what they wish to accomplish.

On a more personal note apart from working as a teacher, I’m also a mum to two boys aged 10 and 12. I’m still waiting for my “how to parent” manual, but I make it up as I go and have done this for 12 years now. I also enjoy using technology in my spare time and have played video games for many years. Through that experience, I also understand why students enjoy playing games as much as they do, and can also see what skills you can develop by gaming.

The Aim of This Site

The goal of Little Miss Teach IT is to give teachers ideas and digital tools to use in their daily practice. The site aims to help out with different aspects, technical as well as ideas, on how different programs, apps, and add-ons can help to organize your work life and hopefully improve your lessons and teaching.

The content and thoughts presented here are my own unless stated otherwise. And hopefully, you can gain something from your time on the site.

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