Reflections for 2022 – Teacher Edition

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So it’s New Year’s Eve and today is a day for goal setting and well…lists of various kinds. I decided to do a review and reflection of my 2022 and I based the method on Matt Ragland’s W.R.A.P and how he used it when creating an annual review.

In short, W.R.A.P stands for:

  • Wins
  • Results
  • Alignment
  • Pivot

A time for lists, and reflections for 2022 – here is mine!

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What Were My Intentions for 2022?

I’ve omitted some things from my planner for personal reasons, and I won‘t expand on most of my bullet points.

Health & Wellness:

  • Planning and prioritizing working out
  • Losing weight
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Get better sleep habits
  • Balance work and spare time – make spare time feel important and mine without feeling guilty about it. Not working more than I actually get paid for
  • Continue to build self-esteem
  • Prioritizing creative work
  • Plan things to look forward to
  • Reward myself/show myself more appreciation

Personal development:

  • Read at least seven books on self-development
  • Develop digital knowledge (art etc.)
  • Learn more about:
    • Webdesign/WordPress
    • graphic design/illustration (Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop)
    • programming
    • video editing
    • podcasting
    • Canva
    • Convertkit

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Finances & Work:

  • make work feel meaningful again
  • start saving in stocks


  • spend more one-on-one time with my kids, based on their wishes but experiences not requiring a screen are good
  • meet friends on a regular basis


  • Regular workouts – except the second part of November when I got sick (and December…)
  • We finally got an ADHD diagnosis for my youngest
  • Started saving in funds and stocks for myself, something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.
  • Rediscovered my fascination and love for learning stuff in IT
  • Read 18 books – the goal was 7 books on personal development
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A short breakdown of my 2022 looks like this:

  • 20 blog posts were published, including this one
  • The number of movies & books consumed during 2022:
    • 7 books in self-development, 1 in progress,
    • 11 fiction books – 2 in progress, I reviewed Ready Player Two earlier this year
    • Finished 7 series on Netflix
    • I watched 12 new movies at home
    • watched 8 movies on the big screen – two on my own, which was a challenge I set for myself during the year
  • I created a calendar to share with others – you can find the English version here, and the Swedish version here
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  • I wanted to read more this year – buying a Kindle helped a bit with this, especially during the summer
  • I’ve prioritized exercising and made sure to book this in my calendar early when setting my intention for the week.


Based on what happened in 2022, there are some changes I plan to do the next year.

  • I need to step back and give myself time to relax and do recreational activities – not work too much.
  • I want to see friends and family more next year, so I’ll have to put in more effort.
  • Based on some things that have happened at work, I’ve set some goals for self-development connected to my interest in IT.

What Did I Learn From 2022?

When reflecting on 2022, I noticed that I was very ambitious when setting goals and intentions for what I wanted to accomplish this year.

Some of them I managed, others I didn’t. I learned the hard way that I need to go easy on myself, be more forgiving, and take the approach I would to a dear friend.

And For 2023?

The takeaway from the reflections on 2022?

What I plan on doing next year is, with the help of a new planner to downsize my goals somewhat. I hope that a more focused approach will work better.

These are the goals I plan to work with for next year:

Professional goals:

  • Study to take my first IT certification
  • Branch out LMT a bit more

Personal goals:

  • Go on a vacation to the capital with my kids
  • Read 20 books
  • Explore my creative side more
  • Continue to focus on my own health and wellness

Have you set your goals and intentions for 2023? Have you had time to make reflections on 2022?

Hope you had a great 2022, that New Year’s Eve is exactly what you’ve hoped for and that you feel ready for a fresh new 2023.

See you in 2023!


Language teacher interested in reading, art, games, and how technology can help out in everyday life.

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